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Posted on November 11, 2010
  • We are all Animals
  • Everybody Is Nuts
  • Everybody Lies
  • Everybody has Habits
  • Everybody makes Mistakes

I believe these to be facts. They can be both positive and negative.  For instance… Some people do care about others. Not just their own well being.  There are “White Lies”, There are “Good ” habits.  Some people actually learn from their mistakes.
What is the true meaning of Normal?  Everybody has their definition of Normal.  When everything shakes out.  We all vary in degree of Nuts.

I believe that laughter is a universal equalizer between people.  The act of laughing gives us a true emotional and physical lift.  We need to be able to share laughter with others as much as possible.

Remember…  If you don’t think you are Nuts… just ask someone that knows you.
Please feel free to express your thoughts and ideas.
Don’t forget to have a laugh daily or a least a smile :-) .

Words of Wisdom from King Nut during his journey of life…
• Be Here Now – Live everyday as if it where you’re last. One day it will be.
• Cherish family and friends. They are a true measure of your spirit.
• Laughter is the best medicine. It is an instantaneous equalizer; it feels good and can  help in the healing process.
• The only things you have control over in life is how you interpret, act and react to everything around you. Remember the saying … God laughs at Man’s plans.
• However hard as it may be at the time, try to find the positive side.
• Tell the Truth as much as possible. It works out better in the long run.
• Try to laugh or smile at least once per day.
• We are all animals. It’s our minds that make us think we are something more.
• Everybody Is Nuts! (Except Me). It is all a matter of degree.


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  1. King Nut:

    Thanks for your comment. Please tell you friends about the site as well. Remember laughter is like an instant vacation.

    28.02.2011 22:26

  2. Clifford:

    Hey King Nut!!! This is Clifford from AT & T. Kool website!!! Thanks for the site info!!!

    06.03.2011 14:38

    • King Nut:

      Hey Clifford…
      Thanks for the comment and registering with EIN. Stay tuned for a few laughs.

      06.03.2011 21:40

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